Jobs Near Associated Technical College-San Diego

San Diego, CA 92101

Our institutional objective is to provide result-oriented training programs to help the student develop the quality job skills needed for success in career areas offering long-range opportunities in the shortest possible time consistent with adequate training for entry-level positions. Our programs are intended for individuals whom are seeking entry-level positions within the Microcomputer and Telecommunications fields.Types of firms or occupations for the Telecommunications Technology program would be; Entry-Level Technician with Residential Telephone Companies- Companies owning their own Telephone Systems- Cable or Television industry- Field or Service Technician with Electronic or Computer Companies- Cable Installer- Fiber Optic Splicer and Terminator- and Security Systems Installer.Types of firms or occupations for the Microcomputer Technology program would be; Entry-Level Computer or Office Assistant with companies in any line of business- such as- Insurance Companies- Medical Companies- Law or Legal Firms- Technical or Manufacturing Companies- Publishing or Printing Companies- Sales and Research Companies.