Jobs Near Art Institute of Wisconsin (The)

Milwaukee, WI

. Mission and ObjectivesThe Mission of The Art Institute of Wisconsin is to accomplish its vision by providing employers with quality skilled graduates prepared by experienced faculty using market-driven curricula.The objectives of the mission are:-Involving employers in the development of curricula that are responsive to industry needs through Program Advisory Committees.- Employing faculty who possess appropriate academic credentials- industry-related experience- and who exhibit excellence in teaching.- Enhancing institutional effectiveness by consistently assessing and improving student retention- employment assistance- learning outcomes- and graduate and employer satisfaction.- Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration that assures academic freedom- professional development and encourages responsible decision-making and critical thinking among students- faculty- and staff.- Assisting graduates in obtaining career-related employment.- Providing alumni with continuing educational opportunities.- Serving the community as a creative and educational resource through the active participation of students- faculty- and staff in a variety of outreach opportunities.