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Orange Park, FL 32065

Mission Statement: At the American Academy of Cosmetology (AAC) we prepare students for a successful career in the modern cosmetology- barbering- facial- and manicuring related fields. AAC’s objectives include the following:•AAC educates students to all aspects of clinical and practical procedure for their chosen field.•AAC educates and prepares students for all requirements required by the Florida State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering.•AAC instills in students a keen interest in and respect for the professional ethics that will enable them to be competitive and successful.•AAC educates students on the Florida Laws and Statues pertaining to all aspects of the cosmetology and barbering fields- as well as the business world.•AAC incorporates training provided by major companies recognized as leaders in beauty education along with our curriculum.•AAC provides training seminars by nationally recognized leaders in various fields of cosmetology- barbering- skin and nails. We provide up-to-date training and information necessary to be a successful professional in your chosen field.•AAC offers continuing education classes to our graduates at our facility by leading professionals in the industry. Any other classes are posted regularly with times and dates for our students- such as trade shows.AAC offers each student scholastic and career counseling. Our goal is to help place each potential graduate in a career position by the time they graduate. AAC maintains a job board of all career opportunities- students are trained in proper job interviewing techniques and business operations. AAC is a member of the Florida Association of Beauty Professionals and educates students on the benefits of a professional organization aimed at protecting the interest of their profession.