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Alvin, TX

Alvin Community College is a public- two-year- comprehensive community college with a strongeducational heritage and a continuing emphasis on providing quality educational experiences for allof its students. The College seeks to implement its philosophy by providing quality post-secondaryeducational services (including occupational/technical- college transfer- and adult programs) for allthose who can benefit from them- as well as quality occupational/technical program opportunitiesfor area secondary students. The College also seeks to provide accessible educational services-through varied formats and schedules and full- and part-time programs- which address a widespectrum of individual needs and abilities- along with educational programming related to theeconomic and employment realities of the area served- and to offer expanded career options throughcooperation with industry- business- professions- government- and other educational institutions. Inaddition- the College seeks to offer comprehensive programs which integrate communications- math-science- humanities- interpersonal skills- and reasoning. Further- the College seeks to providestudents the opportunity to develop skills needed to enter and succeed in College programs throughcontinuing opportunities to extend and upgrade skills- knowledge- and interests; through testing-evaluation- and counseling to allow students to make informed decisions regarding their abilities-achievements- and behavior; and through experiences to develop personal- social- and culturaldimensions. The College is accountable for its mission within the limitations of its physical andfinancial resources.