Jobs Near All-State Career School-Lester

Lester, PA 19029

All-State Career was founded to provide individuals with the quality training necessary to meet their career objectives. Many industries have long recognized the need for professionally trained employees. By today's rigid standards- the old trial and error and on the job training methods of skill development are unacceptable. All-State Career is dedicated to preparing people to fill the existing employment opportunities that are available within the healthcare and industrial fields. To accomplish this goal- All-State has assembled an administrative staff and faculty of knowledgeable professionals who are prepared and dedicated to respond to the challenge ahead. Our goal is to develop skills and ability- and to concurrently reinforce a positive self-image in each student. We believe that professional training will be the path toward financial independence for our graduates. As a result- from the first appointment with an All-State representative prior to attending class- individual amibitions are identified- assessed and balanced realistically with need and ability. Highly personalized- hands-on instruction is the thrust of our teaching approach.