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Anchorage, AK 99508

Alaska Pacific University is an intentionally small- private- independent university devoted to innovative teaching and learning- where students receive personal attention in small classes and acquire leadership capabilities- moral character- and self-direction through active learning. To achieve these educational goals Alaska Pacific University: •Nurtures spiritual and moral values consistent with the university’s Christian heritage while respecting the religious convictions of all.•Emphasizes personal growth through student-centered- experiential education using Alaska- the Arctic- and the Pacific Rim as laboratories for learning;•Develops leadership for active service to society by encouraging openness to positive change- environmental awareness- innovation- and individual initiative;•Promotes international and multicultural education while welcoming learners of all ages: from Alaska- with a special commitment to Alaska Natives; from other states of the United States; and from the international community;•Maintains academic excellence by combining the breadth- integrative understanding- and critical thinking of the liberal arts with practice and focused knowledge for professional careers.(Adopted February 19- 2009)