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Hackensack, NJ

The mission of the Bergen County Technical Schools is to provide county-based- cost-efficient vocational and technical programs and services for secondary students and adults. The actualization of this mission includes the following key components:Students will experience applied learning and teaching strategies utilizing appropriate and up-to-date specialized equipment and facilities.Programs will respond to regional economic needs and shall be- at minimum- of a scope and sequence that permits graduates to pass national competency and licensure examinations.Curriculum shall integrate multiple disciplines and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.Students will be exposed to DOE-approved career-based educational programs and related work experiences and projects.Programs will provide for immediate employment and/or continuing education after program completion.Programs shall meet the needs of general and special populations including disabled- gifted/talented- at-risk and postsecondary pupils through specific occupational programs and career academies.Further- it is the mission of the Bergen County Technical Schools:To serve as regional coordinating centers for technical- distance learning- teacher training and other special projects and services that can be cost efficiently operated on a regional basis for the benefit of local schools and communities.To serve as demonstration laboratories for applied learning- teaching strategies and school-to-careers structured learning experiences.