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Borders is an international retailer of books and music offering full-time jobs, part-time jobs and seasonal jobs with flexible schedules. Borders jobs are ideal for a wide range of job seekers, and have become popular as student jobs, teen jobs and even working mom jobs. As the world's second largest bookstore chain - boasting more than 25,000 employees - there is likely a Borders with employment opportunities near you. So whether you're looking for warehouse jobs, retail jobs or even office jobs with Borders, apply today and get ready to book your next job.

Whether you work in our corporate office, stores, or distribution center, Borders employees celebrate the universal desire to explore new things, finding personal enrichment and knowledge.

Borders Store Opportunities

Borders is a place to discover fascinating new releases and reconnect with old favorites, a place to share a family story time or savor a hot cup of coffee. We engage our customers with a rich shopping experience where they can explore knowledge, entertainment and more. Borders employees allow our customers to connect with the books, music and movies that help shape and define us all. A career with Borders begins with sharing our vision to create richer, more satisfying lives through knowledge and entertainment. Those people with a passion for our product and a deep commitment to providing engaging customer service will flourish in our diverse, energetic community.

Hourly Positions include:

Borders Seasonal Sales Associate/Cashiers

As a Borders Sales Associate/Cashier you will support our company vision and mission in his or her area of responsibility. As a Borders Sales Associate/Cashier you are accountable for executing and maintaining customer service standards in our seasonal locations as well as executing operational tasks related to daily operations. Sales Associates/Cashiers are responsible for driving results through execution of kiosk processes and initiatives. Excellent customer service, task management and a positive attitude are essential for top performers in this role. In other words, Sales Associates/Cashiers are charged with supporting their Kiosk Lead and Seasonal Business Area Manager in making our mission to be the headquarters for knowledge and entertainment throughout the world a reality in their seasonal location. This position reports to the General Manager, Specialty Manager or Kiosk Lead depending on the kiosk location. This is a temporary position based on business needs during the holiday season.

Borders Seasonal Supervisors

The Borders Kiosk Supervisor supports the achievement of sales goals for stores/SBAMs that operate remote Seasonal Businesses. They assist the SBAM/store management in the recruiting, training and development of staff members for these locations. In addition, the Kiosk Supervisor is responsible for providing personalized, attentive customer service by using sales skills and product knowledge to provide appropriate products, services and information and by following company standards. A successful Kiosk Supervisor has superior customer service skills, exceptional leadership abilities and effective problem solving and decision-makings skills. This is a temporary position based on business needs during the holiday season.

FAQ: Applying to Borders Store Positions

(Supervisors, Sellers and Cashiers)

I just filled out my Borders job application online. Will I receive an e-mail notice when the store has received it?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email in response to your completed online application. The store will contact you if there is interest in scheduling an interview.

I have already submitted my application, but I’d like to make changes to it. Is that possible?
No. Once submitted, you are unable to view or make any changes to your application. If you have significant changes we recommend that you re-apply. Otherwise, should you be contacted for an interview, inform your interviewer of your updated information.

I was only able to select one location to submit my application but I would like to be considered for any store in my area. Do I need to fill out additional applications to be considered for other locations?
No. Initially, your application will only go to the store that you originally designated. However, after 14 days, if that store has not taken any action on it, your application will be released to all stores within a 30-mile radius of the initial store.

Why is my Social Security Number required to apply?
Like many employers who receive hundreds of applications over short periods of time, Borders uses the Social Security number as a unique identifier for tracking applicants. You will find that many employers require this information both on hard-copy applications as well as through use of online resources. When used electronically, the Social Security number data is encrypted for security purposes.

I’m interested in working at a new store that is coming to my area but when I enter the zip code, that store isn’t an option. What should I do?
We add our new stores to the online application once we are actively recruiting for that location. The typical recruiting timeline for a new store is approximately 2-3 months prior to the estimated opening date.

Borders supports the individuality of each employee and encourages all those who wish to grow to explore their talents and seek expanded opportunities. This deep-rooted enthusiasm for diversity of people and perspectives reaches from our Store Support Center into our stores, distribution centers, and into every community we serve around the world.

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