Finding a job

How to make connections and get hired

Are you looking to make connections? Don't know where to start? We're here to help! When searching for a new job, the people you encounter along the way can be very important. It may be uncomfortable at first, but a great way to network is to meet new people. Here are a few tips that can set you on the road to success: 1) Take advantage of every opportunity Whether it's someone at a gas station […]

Legitimate work-from-home jobs

Are you looking for a legitimate work-from-home job? Not sure where to start? We're here to help! Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or recent graduate wanting to travel, here are some popular positions that can earn you an income right from your own couch. 1) Travel consultant Often times, people who are planning to travel don't have the time or desire to figure out every aspect of their trip, so this is where you come in. […]

5 tips to finding a job in the new year

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to refresh your job search and hit the ground running. Finding a new job probably made its way on to your list of resolutions anyway. Check out these tips to make sure this is the year you get hired. Reflect. No matter how successful your job search was last year, think about what worked and what didn't. Try to find any lessons you can apply to the […]

How to snag an internship in 3 steps

During sophomore, junior and senior year of college, the scramble for a quality summer internship gets real. As my junior year at James Madison University progressed, I started to feel the pressure to land that top-notch experience. Anxious and competitive, I nearly drove myself crazy trying to reach this goal. But through the process, I discovered three ways to successfully land an internship. For me, that dream internship was working at Snagajob as a copywriter. […]

How to find a job in 72 hours

Sometimes, it seems like finding a job takes forever. From finding places to apply for and waiting to hear back, the process can seem never-ending. After discovering Snagajob, Christen found a job in just three days! With her advice, you can use Snagajob to land a gig just as fast. “The first day of job searching was like wandering blind, until a manager at a restaurant told me about Snagajob." We'll help walk you through the entire […]

How to survive being laid off

With the rise in online shopping, there's been an unfortunate trend in the news of big name brands closing brick and mortar stores across the United States. It's frustrating to start the job search from square one, even more so when it's unexpected. Whether you're fired or let go, it can be difficult to bounce back. Check out these five tips to survive being laid off: 1) Budget. Save those coins and stick to a […]

5 must-have customer service skills

Restaurant, retail, hospitality – what do they all have in common? Customer service. No matter your industry or job title, there are basic customer service skills you need in order to find a job. If you're working as a cashier, host or sales associate, these skills are even more important. You're the first, and maybe only, person a customer interacts with and responsible for keeping them happy. These five must-have customer service skills will up […]

16 tips to find a job in 2016

New year, new you. By now you have your list of resolutions and are ready to jump head first into 2016. It's a great time to set goals for the new year. We've put together a list of 16 tips to find a job in 2016 with advice straight from employers. From searching to applying to interviewing, apply these to your job search to have one less resolution. 1) Avoid the biggest job search mistake […]

6 Tips to avoid online job scams

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a real job posting online and a scam posting. After all, scammers tend to advertise job openings in the same places legitimate employers do – online, newspapers, etc. But, if you're careful with your job search and watch out for these red flags, you can easily start to spot the real from the fake. At Snagajob, we screen each posting that comes through to catch […]

Best jobs for introverts

Coworkers, customers and the never-ending small talk. A customer service job can be overwhelming if you're a little shy or introverted. We've covered overcoming shyness in a job interview, but you may be wondering what jobs to apply to in the first place. These are best jobs for introverts to feel more comfortable working on the job. Stocker Jobs in inventory and stocking are crucial to keeping stores' shelves filled and organized. You'll be responsible […]