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Get some scheduling relief with Snagashift

Let Snagajob help you make scheduling easier. Say goodbye to the hours spent hunched over spreadsheets. Snagashift is the 100% digital and mobile way to quickly schedule your workers, get messages to them quickly and empower them to swap shifts when needed.

Now, when you post your job on Snagajob, Snagashift is included at no extra charge. Start enjoying these perks today:

  • Easy shift assignment
  • Ability to save and edit recurring shifts
  • Improved communication with your team
  • And more

Get 10 hours a week back

On average, managers spend about 25% of their time scheduling workers and dealing with related issues.

Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to copy shifts and assign them quickly. And with time-off requests noted right within the system, you’ll always know your workers’ availability. Everything you need is right there where you need it.

Snagashift makes scheduling faster so that you can take your time back.

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Communicate with just a few clicks

Workers can post their shifts for trade and other workers can pick them up quickly with a few clicks. All you have to do is approve the change.

Managing time off requests is just as easy. Your employees just put in their requests and their availability is right there when you go to make the next schedule.

Post your job on Snagajob, and Snagashift is included at no extra charge. So you’ll get the easy scheduling, time savings and improved communication for free.

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Scheduling when and where it’s convenient

You can create schedules and manage changes on the fly wherever you are and whenever you want. Snagashift is 100% digital and mobile, so you can access what you need on your computer, tablet or phone.

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